About Us

silver rose budWelcome to Sterling’s Fudge Emporium!

Our fudge is an exotic gourmet treat with unique flavors as well as more traditional ones.  Our fudge is not  “run of the mill” made with only chocolate and nuts.   We take traditional flavors like peanut butter and add jelly or banana; or take chocolate and add cayenne pepper; or take maple and add bacon.  We take old favorites and turn them into new exotic gourmet fudge flavors!

We pride ourselves in the way we make our flavors.  Our chips are NON GMO and are produced in nut free facilities.  Therefore we do not add sugar, artificial sweeteners, butter or preservatives to our fudge.  Our ingredient list is simple ~vanilla chips, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, cinnamon chips, extracts, whole milk, food coloring, local fresh lavender, fresh fruit juices, local honey, and fruit preserves.  We use products from local farms as much as possible.  Our fudge is made in a commercial kitchen with commercial packaging but still has that homemade taste.

The shelf life of our fudge varies upon the flavor, temperatures and climate.  Generally speaking, our fudge will last on the counter in a sealed container or in its original packaging for 30-45 days.  It can go in either the refrigerator or freezer and can last up to 12 months. 

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