Meet the Fudge Lady

Suzanne Shafer is the woman behind “The Fudge Lady”.   Making fudge has been a dream of mine for several years.  Christmas 2012 money was tight and gifts were needed for my kids’ teachers.  Figuring fudge would be a simple confection loved by all I found a simple recipe for marble fudge.  The recipe was easy to follow but the consistency was lacking, it never quite set up.  I set the fudge in the refrigerator overnight and packaged it in the morning to give to the teachers.  The teachers loved the fudge even in its gooey stage.  Over the next year I tried many different recipes trying to find the right one that was easy yet set up properly.  After many failed attempts I decided to try my own ideas of how to make the right fudge with the right consistency, not too sweet, perfect confection and thus Sterling’s Fudge Emporium was born.  I started with five (5) flavors ~ Banana, Chocolate, Maple, Peppermint and Rocky Road.  Today there are over 50 flavors of fudge including seasonal flavors and charm flavors.  I am always developing new flavors for the shop.  I like a good challenge.  I finally found the passion that makes me happy, it’s making fudge and seeing the faces of people trying my fudge for the first time.  Someone once told me, “Suzanne, I think you’ve found your calling”.   And I believe I have.

Many people ask me how did you get the name Sterling’s Fudge Emporium?  Well many years ago when I was in high school, my high school sweetheart used to give me sterling silver roses.  Because of my love for him and for those roses, I decided to name my fudge store Sterling’s Fudge Emporium and use a sterling silver rose bud as my logo.