Fudge Pairings


At Sterling’s Fudge we like to give something to different to our clientele.  Even though we offer a wide variety of fudge flavors, we want to offer a guide to fudge pairing with Beer/Wine/Spirits. 

While we have a great pairing below here are some guidelines to help you with pairing our fudge with your favorite alcoholic beverage. 

Because our fudge is not overly sweet, we recommend our chocolate flavors like Sea Salt Chocolate or Cayenne Chocolate with a dark red wine such as a Malbec or Syrah. 

Our Champagne Fudge is made with vanilla NOT white chocolate and again is not overly sickeningly sweet so we recommend our Champagne fudge with either a Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio or even a Brut Champagne.

For Dessert Wines or Sweet Champagnes we recommend our Coconut Fudge or Chocolate Coconut.

For Beer it will depend on the hops as well as the flavor.  Our Peanut Butter n Chocolate Fudge goes well with a dark Porter or even Stout.  For a lighter beer flavor we recommend Pretzel.  For flavored beer like a Blueberry Ale we recommend our Vanilla Blueberry.

For Mixed Drinks like Mojitos we recommend our Mojito Lime.  For Lemon Drops we recommend our Lemon Fudge. 

As a rule of thumb the sweeter the fudge, the sweeter your alcoholic beverage choice should be.  The list is below and we are always adding to it so if you have a great pairing we’d love to hear about it and post it so others can enjoy it too!

Bacon – Riesling
Buttermint – Riesling
Cayenne Chocolate – Malbec
Champagne – Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio
Chocolate Raspberry  – Cabernet Savignon/Pinot Noir
Coconut – Coconut Rum/Coconut Sake
Coffee Bean – Bailey’s
Fireball Cinnamon – Fireball Whisky
Honey – Mead
Lemon – Lemon Drop Vodka/Pinot Grigio
Lemon Raspberry Tie Dye –  Asti
Peanut Butter n Chocolate – Sweet Baby Jesus Porter
Strawberry Champagne – Strawberry/Lime Hard Cider
Vanilla Blueberry – Blueberry Ale

Seasonal Flavors
Mojito Lime – Mojito/Mint Julep/Strawberry Lime Hard Cider
Caramel Apple – Apple Martini/Apple Whisky
Pumpkin Spice – Pumpkin Ale