Here is a sampling of what people are saying about our fudge . . .

Received my Chocolate Birthday Cake sample and I can not put into words how delicious it was! Once we opened it I can tell you it didn’t last long!  Kim NY

What an amazing variety of flavors and shapes! My boys and I sampled on a few this morning, and only wished that we had more! Best of all, the owner is a wonderful person!   Nancy FL

Just love Sterling’s Fudge! The flavors melt in your mouth as you savor every bite. Recently enjoyed the fudge charms at a women’s gathering.Great service, great packaging, and the greatest of tastes!  Arlene FL 

“This is some of the best fudge I’ve ever eaten. The flavor and texture was perfect. Not to mention the super fast shipping. I highly recommend this company. Will definitely reorder. You’ve got a customer for life. Can’t wait to try the new flavors coming!”  Anna TX

“So I finally heard about this fudge and jumped on the opportunity to try some right away! And I have to say that it was just DELICIOUS!! I found out about the fudge through a Facebook party- and I was literally drooling over the pictures that I saw xp Once my order arrived (which was very quick despite how horrible the weather has been lately), I dug in almost IMMEDIATELY! And now my mouth is watering again as I am wanting MORE! Lol. Basically, this stuff is just incredible- taste, texture, everything! I even liked the packaging. All ingredients are written on the packing and each piece of fudge is like a little present. Simply amazing! And I WILL be ordering again.”  Laura CA

“Bacon fudge…three words… Mmm…mmm…gone!” Sharon NJ

“I couldn’t believe how fast we got our fudge! Communication about the whole process was wonderful. Then when we got our fudge I couldn’t make some coffee fast enough, (to go with the fudge) I tore that box open and was enjoying my fudge before my coffee was ready lol. It was the BEST FUDGE I’ve EVER HAD!” Christie KY

“This fudge is FREAKIN’ AWESOME!” Urias PA

“Accolaids to some of the best dang fudge I’ve ever had the pleasure to indulge in!!! I could hear that techno/cheerleading song “Y’all Ready For This!” playing in the back of my mind as the spreads of various flavors of fudge were laid in front of me for sampling… And then… There was a PARTY in my mouth! *glee* So many flavors to choose from! Sterling’s Fudge Emporium rainbow selection of fantasy fudge is THIS dreamer’s delight!!!” -Tonielle FL

“For anyone who has seen the Sterling Fudge Emporium Icon, let me describe to you what this amazing fudge emporium is like from someone who has tasted several of their flavors…me! I just received my batch of Cayenne fudge in the mail yesterday. It took longer for me to get here and comment on it than it did for it to arrive at my door after ordering on the very user friendly site for starters. CAYENNE fudge ??! you ask… FREAKIN AMAZING!! All natural, exotic, unique and DELICIOUS. And that goes for every flavor I’ve tasted which has been several! Thanks to them for their vision of excellence! Order up people…you will not be disappointed!” Dale FL

“I got my order in and O.o!! It was the perfect remedy for a really bad day!
I got the Chocolate Mint, Bacon, and a tasting of the new Pineapple upsidedown! The ChocMint was absolutely wonderful! just the correct amount of mint to chocolate! If you like thin mints then you will love this!  I got the bacon fudge because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about sweet bacon desserts and while it was still really good its not my thing, however my daughter LOVED it! And lastly the pineapple fudge was awesome and is my new favorite and I will be ordering it again! I love that it wasn’t sickeningly sweet but yet all the flavors came thru so well! Sterling has a gift for mixing the flavors so that you get to taste everything and I love that she makes each batch and that I can pronounce all the ingredients! Great job!!”  Jenn IL

“Sterling, I just wanted to leave you some Feedback on you Fudge. You have outdone yourself. For all of you out there looking for Gourmet Fudge, look NO further. I have not had a homemade treat like this in a very very LONG time. From the first bite to the very last, this was, at the least, Amazing. With either a glass of cold milk or a fine red wine it is a treat for both the taste buds and the mind alike. Something to savor. Not overly sugary or bitter. Extremely WELL done! Kudos to you on your new venture! You have a repeat and consistent customer here!!” Heidi ME

“just got my fudge…I seriously thought the mailman would eat it….omg…ridiculously delicious!!! you go Fudge Lady!”  Barbara FL

So i got my coconut fudge. And WOW! If sunshine had a flavor, it would be THIS one! Creamy with coconut bits in it. It melted in my mouth, yummy! I had thoughts of sunshine, warm, and palm trees when i was eating it. One of my new favorites!”  Melissa FL

“I’ve never been a big fan of fudge, just a take it or leave it kind of guy. Tried the birthday cake fudge for my birthday and it was awesome, sterling’s fudge emporium has struck gold with its unique flavors and customer friendly service!”  Shane GA