Sales Team

Are you interested in selling our fudge in your area?  We are seeking sales people around the country. Our fudge sells well at vendor shows, events and fundraisers!

The starter kit cost is $99 which includes business cards, fudge and samples for a vendor show or fudge party, platter, banner, back end office, company email and brochures/marketing material.  Low inventory minimums, low sales minimums, fun monthly challenges with extra incentives, six (6) different levels, incentives, free fudge and you can build teams immediately!  

Currently we have sales teams in these states:  Florida and Pennsylvania.

For more information please contact us at

If you have completed the sales application and the employee contract on line and would like to purchase the Starter Sales Kit please click here.  Please note we will do criminal, financial and employment background on every applicant. And if you are selling with more than two (2) other Direct Sales Companies or with food companies your application will be denied.  Additionally, if you are a wholesaler wanting to sell our fudge in your store, please contact us directly at the email above for pricing and options.  Wholesale/Retail sales is different than sales consultants and the information above is not geared towards placing our fudge in your store.