Employee Contract

Employee Contract

Employment Contract With Sterling’s Fudge Emporium  I, _________________________________________________________ agree to the following:

I will represent Sterling’s Fudge Emporium in a professional manner while at vendor shows, events and fundraisers.  Arguing with customers, other sales representatives or the management including Sterling’s Fudge Emporium personnel will result in my immediate dismissal.  Any monies owed to me will paid within 24 hours. I understand that if I leave Sterling’s Fudge Emporium for any reason other than dismissal, I will be paid on the next payday without exception.  I further understand that the $99 starter kit fee paid upfront will not be refunded under any circumstances.

I understand that I will be paid twice a month on the 1st and 15th through PayPal only.  No exceptions.  

I understand that I will be responsible for my sales goals and for my sales team goals.  I understand that if I don’t meet my goals I will receive my commission however I will not receive a team commission if I am a Team Lead.  Additionally, if after three (3) months, I do not maintain the sales goal at my level I will go to the last level of sales and will need to rebuild my sales to move up. If I do not make any sales or buy product for six (6) months, I will become deactivated and will lose all my points, email and website.  If I wish to reactivate I understand it will be a $55 charge. It is my responsibility to pay for additional business cards, polos, marketing materials and fudge.  I understand that I will request the items needed and I will be invoiced.  Once payment has been submitted the items will be ordered and/or shipped. 

I further understand I will pay $15 each month for the use of the back office and email.  This will come out of my commission pay or I will pay directly if there is no commission for that month or I will pay the difference.  If I do not pay the monthly fee for three months either through commissions or paying directly, I understand that I will receive a final total owed bill.  I understand that if I do not pay said final bill within seven (7) business days, I will be terminated immediately for breach of contract.  I further understand I will lose all my commissions, status, bonuses and website.

I understand that I may sell fudge and fudge products at vendor shows, events or in retail spaces.  I understand it is my responsibility to pay for any and all fees associated with said shows, events or retail spaces.  I understand it is my responsibility to charge and collect 7% sales tax and remit to the home office.  I understand that I may be required to purchase liability insurance for certain events, I understand that it is my responsibility to pay for it.

I understand that I may work with other Direct Sales companies provided 1. those companies are not chocolate, candy or any food related as it would be a conflict of interest and 2. I can not be with more than 2 (Sterling's Fudge would be #3).  If I am with more than three (3) DS companies at any time I will not be eligible to be apart of Sterling's Fudge and I will be terminated immediately if after I have signed on I am with more than three. 

I understand there are trade secrets that are confidential and may not be shared outside of the sales team.  If I discuss confidential information it will result in a lawsuit. If for any reason, I am terminated I cannot regain employment with Sterling’s Fudge Emporium.  If I resign, I will have to resubmit my application and fee for consideration.  I understand that I may not be reconsidered for employment after my resignation.

I further understand that if for any reason I am terminated or resign I can not slander Sterling's Fudge or any of its employees, sales consultants or product.  A lawsuit will ensue against me without warning. 

By signing this, I agree to this Employment Contract and understand if I default on any of this I will be immediately dismissed and other action may be taken.